Why do cows go to New York?

Alright, I couldn’t help it. I had to
use that title because I laughed so hard
when I saw that joke. 

The answer to that question is in the
joke of the day section at the bottom of
this email. 

But first, I am impressed with some of

You noticed that I am a featured speaker
at the Locustware Marketing & Workshop
that will be hosted the Cinco De
Mayo weekend in San Antonio. 

That’s right, I will be a speaker

So you will get to come hang out with me
and hear me spill the beans on my 2
product launches from last year. 

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

Make your reservations today because it
will be a busy weekend there. 

Hope to grab a margarita with you at the

Let’s Make Fairy Dust!
Shreya Banerjee

PS: Joke of the day: ok, here it is:

Why do cows go to New York?

To see the moosicals!

PPS: Make your reservations today for
the Locustware event. Hope to see you


7786 Clydesdale Dr. SE
Ada MI 49301

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