Which Niche?

Ok, I am going to try to keep this

Which niche should I pick seems to be a
common question. 

The simple answer to that…something
you know and feel comfortable talking
about (at least at first). After you
master the process of driving traffic,
then it won’t matter what you pick. 

One of the times when I was starting 
(by the way if you don’t know this about
me, I have started IM many times and
given up but I keep coming back to it
cause I know it works. And this time, I
had the right reason driving me so I 
figured it out)….

So, one of the times I picked golf as my
niche. It is a great niche. The only
problem was that I don’t know anything
about golf (still don’t) and didn’t
care about it at all. Needless to say, I
failed miserably. 

The lesson here is pick something you
like and know something about.

Another quick tip, it’s so much easier
to target non-IM niches. Apply the same
concepts and you will see far better

There you have it…short and sweet.

Until next time…

Keep Making Fairy Dust!

Shreya Banerjee

PS: joke of the day:

What do we want? 

Low-flying airplane noises!

When do we want them? 



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