What was the odd that I would hear back?


Pretty good actually, I heard back from
several of you. It’s always cool to
hear back; that way I know that you are
reading and I am not just talking to a
figment of my imagination…lol

Of course, some questions came in, which
I love to answer. There were a few that
I think will benefit all I will break
them into chucks over the next few days.
Only because they will be overwhelming
(and a very long email) all together. 

So, the first and the most obvious
question was what are you doing to build
passive income?

Good question…

I am an expert in blogs and YouTube. So,
I stick to my strengths. 

I am creating niche specific blogs that
target long tail keywords. The pages get
ranked on search engines and the traffic
starts flowing. I am targeting many
niches and I am just building the blogs
out…the key to this is to have lots of

I have found some cool tools to help me
automate this process so I build away no
matter where I am. 

Now, my second not so secret weapon is
YouTube. I create videos and rank them
for long tail low competition keywords
(many different niches). There is a link
in the description of the video that
leads the customers to the product or a
sign up page. This is also passive cause
it's do it once and forget about it. And
I can do it from anywhere at anytime
without having to talk to people 🙂

So there you go; the email got kind of
long already. If you want to know the
specific tools, then just email me back.

Until tomorrow… 

Keep Making Fairy Dust!

Shreya Banerjee

PS: No, I didn’t forget about the

Why did the witches' team lose the
baseball game? 

Their bats flew away.


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Ada MI 49301

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