What does goats, chicken nuggets and viral content have in common?

I was watching House Hunter on TV last
night. I always like to hear the stories
of people and what they look for in a

So, I am watching this episode and the
couple introduces themselves. And the
wife says that she teaches “Goat Yoga”. 
I had never heard of anything like that

I thought this was hilarious and I post
that on Facebook and turns out there is
also a thing called “Chicken Nugget
Yoga”. LOL

Where do people come up with these

It’s definitely an interesting twist to
plain old yoga. 

This got me thinking…the same plain old
concept can be applied to your content
generation process.

If you need an interesting twist to come
up with content, then you need to take
advantage of Real Specific. 

This software can help you automate your
sites while pulling free traffic. 

There are no goats or chicken nuggets
involved but it is definitely a game

Grab it here before the price goes up

Let’s Make Fairy Dust!

Shreya Banerjee

PS: Joke of the day: not as funny as
goat yoga but here it is…

Can February march? 

No, but April may.


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