Wanted – Cure For Writer’s Block

You should never judge a book by it’s cover. I am sure you have heard of that saying before. But unfortunately, people do judge books by it’s cover. And even though you don’t like it, the same goes for your posts or emails.

People judge your posts by it’s headline. It doesn’t matter if you have the best content in the world…if you have the most boring title, no one is going to read it.

But is coming up with good headlines that easy? If you are like me then you work on a lot of different headlines in a given week. I am talking about all the headlines blog posts titles, sales page headlines, bonus page headlines, email subject lines, and social media posts just to mention a few.

Coming up with creative and highly converting copy for all of them can be a bit of a copywriting challenge. It’s even harder for me because I am not really a copywriter. There are days when the ideas simply refuse to flow. I’m sure you’ve had those writer’s block days too.

When you find yourself with a case of headline writer’s block, you can try a few different things. Here are a few ways I have tried to handle it myself.

  • Simply walk away and try again later in the day. Sometimes it’s better to forget about the task at hand and focus on something else.
  • You can tough it out and write anything and everything until you come up with something acceptable. If you do go this route, make sure you run it through the headline analyzer to filter out the bad ones. But you never know, you might find a golden nugget this way.
  • Or you can deploy my favorite way to get rid of headline writer’s block – Use headline swipe files. Don’t know what a swipe file is? A swipe file, in this case for headlines, is nothing more than a collection of the very best headline examples you can use as your own.

You can create your own swipe file. Next time you are browsing online and you see a headline you like, simply copy it over to a file and save it. You can then go back through your collection when you are stuck.

Remember to keep an open mind for your swipe file. Take inspiration from sales page headlines, email subject lines, great copy from book and magazine covers, newspaper headlines, billboard advertisements or anything else you can think of. You can even add the best headlines you’ve written yourself. It honestly doesn’t matter where they come from.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to limit yourself to certain topics or niches. A killer headline is a killer headline no matter what the topic. Don’t judge, don’t try to fit them into a mold, don’t try to figure out if it’s something you may or may not be able to use in your own writing. Add it to your swipe file when you see it.  

It won’t take you long to come up with enough killer headlines to have a workable swipe file. But if you are in need of one right now, then just head over to Google. Search for headline swipe file. Trust me you will find many to choose from.

Here are a few links to the swipe files I use:

The ULTIMATE Fill-In-The-Blanks Headline Swipe File

102 Headline Writing Formulas

Next time you are stuck with writer’s block, just open these files and start browsing through the headlines contained in it. Before you know it something will catch your attention and spark an idea. Maybe you will look into a theme or a hook. Or maybe you will fall for one particular word or a phrase. It doesn’t matter what catches your attention. If not, keep browsing until you are cured from your writer’s block.


  • Jeff Sollee

    Reply Reply March 5, 2017

    Hey Shreya,

    Great post for getting through writers block for headlines! This came at a perfect time for me because I really struggle when it comes to writing headlines.

    It’s a real art…

    I have been the type of “stick it out” kind of guy, but the problem is that when I do that, nothing good comes out, and the headlines get worse the longer that I stay.

    I love the idea of a swipe file!

    I do have one, but it is rather small. However after reading your article I think that it is definitely a great thing to start building.

    Thank you for the post that hit me at the right time! Looking forward to the next post!

    Best Regards,

  • spriyada

    Reply Reply March 6, 2017

    Hi Jeff,

    I am glad you found this helpful. Yes, headlines are hard. The best part is that everyone is trying to giveaway their swipe file to you. So if you have a small one, then just grab a ready made one 🙂

    The two swipe files I have linked here are free. However, you can get even more just by typing in swipe files in Google. You might have to opt-in but they are still free. Let me know if you find something cool.

    Keep Making Fariy Dust,

  • Bablofil

    Reply Reply March 18, 2017

    Thanks, great article.

  • Mandy Allen

    Reply Reply March 24, 2017

    I don’t find writing too difficult, and because I write about anything that comes into my head I am not restricted to making it fit a niche. I try to help people to become better bloggers and by writing about pretty much anything I feel I give a good example of how interesting writing can be. I feel for people who get writer’s block, I think I’m just full of chat so can write until the cows come home! Great resources!

    Enjoy the journey!

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