Top 5 Deadly Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Blog Posts

Chances are that you have already read a dozen guides on basic blogging, theme choice and installation, WordPress installation, and SEO. You might have even read some guides on how to write great content but you are having problem with conversation.

The problem is that great content is not always the content that will help you meet your goals. Sometimes, you can write the most helpful and interesting guide but you will not make any money because you haven’t written the content in a way that makes sales.

If you want to write the most productive content, then always write with the bottom line objective in mind. That being said, it is always important to keep your readers interests in mind. You want to provide them with value.

Ok, given that you have your goal and your readers’ interests in mind…here are 5 mistakes you could be making with your blog posts.

1. Off-topic content: It is very easy to go off-topic when writing your blog posts; especially if you get easily distracted like me. Just remember, that if you are tempted to add content to your blog that isn’t related to your main topic, then it will only weaken your position in the search engines. This offers you little to no benefit with regards to leads or sales.

2. No or weak call-to-action: One of the biggest mistakes is when you don’t have a call-to-action in your content, or your call-to-action is weak. This can get frustrating for your readers, or they might just over look it. Be very clear in what you want your readers to do. Remember, people can’t read your mind.

3. Content that goes on too long: No on enjoys a 700 page book (unless it is Harry Potter) when they are expecting the facts. Sure, search engines love long content but if you create long content solely for the purpose of getting traffic, this is not going to work. Especially if that content drags on so long, and is so boring, that people leave before they have a chance to see your call-to-action.

4. Useless popups: There is absolutely no point of including popups and other ads for anything that isn’t directly going to assist you with your main business goals. The only think you will accomplish, is that you’ll upset you visitors and potentially lose them.

5. Content that has no purpose with regards to your goals: I have seen many people that believe any content is good content, because it’s another article that can draw traffic. But don’t waste your time to write content that isn’t specifically geared toward helping you achieve your business’s goals.

These are the 5 pitfalls I want you to look out for when you are writing your blog posts. Want to learn more about blogs? Check out Dan Sumner’s Bloggers Roadmap 2016.

I have read Dan’s original Bloggers Roadmap and it was packed with Gold. Now he has revamped it completely and it is better than ever. Make sure you check it out.

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  • Susan

    Reply Reply July 2, 2016

    Really like this post about the mistakes most people (including me I think) make on their blogs. It makes me realize that I should be thinking about my blog as a serialized book where I need to stay on topic or people won’t continue reading the next chapter.

    Thanks for the pointers.


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