Three Surefire Ways to Power Up Your Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers everywhere are always looking for something different to boost up their conversion rates and increase their commissions. If you’re hunting for the holy grail of affiliate marketing, then your search ends here. Sometimes it’s the simple things that get you noticed and makes the biggest difference to your bottom line.

Take a look at these three styles for growing your affiliate business.

1. Build a Responsive List

There’s a huge difference between simply building a list and building a list that is responsive. Most every affiliate knows to build a listing, but very few know how to create a responsive list with engaged subscribers. Here are some tips to help you out:

Set expectations upfront. Your lead page and initial emails should make it clear what your list is about and why subscribers should be opening every email you send. Most people are more engaged when you satisfy their expectations.

Stay in touch. You can’t build a relationship with people by contacting them once a month. You should be sending emails on a weekly basis at a minimum if not daily.

Give your best stuff. Make people look forward to opening your emails.

Edutain people. Subscribers don’t want to read boring content, even if it’s useful , nor do they want to read entertaining fluff. So edutain them, which means you entertain while you educate. Use a illuminate, conversational tone. Inject humor where appropriate.

Interact. Don’t make a monologue your sole communication channel. Foster your subscribers to click through to your blog or social media pages to interact with you, discuss the issues and ask questions.

If you apply the above tips, then you won’t just have a mailing list of warm bodies, you’ll have a responsive listing of people who click on your links and buy what you’re selling.

Next up :

2. Establish Yourself as an Authority

People don’t want to get their info from simply anyone. Instead, they’e looking for a leader. They’re looking for an expert. They’e looking for an authority. That’s why you need to showcase your expertise and stance yourself as an authority in your niche.

Here are three things that come to my mind:

Showcase your credentials. If you have credentials or a case study that constructs you an expert, flaunt it. This might include related awards, degrees, special qualifications and so on.

Land guest author and speaking spots. The authorities are the ones who are being interviewed on webinars or even on blogs. Submit proposals to talk radio, podcasts, and blogs in your niche to land these guest speaker spots for yourself.

Associate with believable others. When you generate products or do webinars with other authorities in your niche, you’ll be seen as an authority too.

And last but not least…

3. Use Bonuses…specifically if you are in the info product niche

It’s no secret that adding value to an offer can boost your conversion rate. What many affiliates don’t know is that this strategy can put up to five times more money in your pocket over not offering a bonus. This strategy is a lot more powerful than many people think!

There is actually a new term in the industry these days…bonus shopping. Yeap, people like to bonus shop because they know that people are offering them and they want to get the best deal. So before people buy anything thing, they go to Google and type it the product name and bonus to see what else they can get with the product.

But this strategy also takes too much time. You need to know how to design web pages in order to create a good-looking promo page. You need to know how to code to do it right. It’s no wonder so many affiliates don’t bother with this powerful strategy.

So what’s the answer?

Use Commission Gorilla. This is an app designed by two super affiliates who wanted to build their own high-impact bonus pages fast. Speed is the key when it comes to affiliate marketing, especially during a product launch. With Commission Gorilla you can create bonus pages in as little as a few minutes( rather than hours or even days ).

You don’t require design abilities or coding skills. You don’t even need your own website.

Check it out for yourself

Once you have Commission Gorilla, you won’t have any more excuses for not offering bonuses!

Apply those 3 techniques and you will see an increase in your commissions.


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