This is a cool way to create ecovers!

Hello Shreyablog,

If you are someone that sells digital products or
rebrands PLR than you need this technology! I have
used it for a few years, and it is my secret weapon
for making stunning product bundles. 

A picture is worth a thousand words as they say, and
having an ecover to sell your products makes all the
difference in the world! 

Introducing Pixel Studio FX

Save $10 with coupon code: PSFX10

Now you can create any kind of eCoer with no design
skills in 60 seconds! You have 5,326 eCover templates
to choose from! 

This is double the available eCovers found in the previous
versions that I was using. All the ecovers are crystal
clear and HD quality. 

There are some additional bonuses you get with your
purchase today including: 

– Bonus #1: 768 Limited Edition Instant eCovers
– Bonus #2: Designer / Developer Rights (Sell your eCovers)
– Bonus #3: Marketer’s Dozen Bundle with MRR
– Bonus #4: IM Tools Academy Access

So with the bonuses like the 768 additional limited edition
instant ecovers you now have over 6,000 design choices. So
it is safe to say you will create a winning ecover and
bundle graphic every single time! 

Click Here For Pixel Studio FX

Save $10 with coupon code: PSFX10

You can outsource your eCover creation, but you will spend
more than the one-time fee of this for a single design! Now
you can create unlimited designs, and get paid to design
eCover graphics! 

I will let you in on a secret. Most Fiverr gigs selling
eCover services are using a tool just like this! 

I hope you will jump on this deal. It is worth it! 

Let’s Make Fairy Dust!

Shreya & Paul

P.S. So my business partner Paul Counts is the partner
on a brand new ventured called Finish Line Network. You
can see what he has been working. 

See This Big Project Here

They already have over 2,400 people registered for their
pre launch. It has been crazy watching it grow! 

7125 Headley St. SE
Box # 880
Ada MI 49301

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