The Swiss Army Knife of Video Tools!

Paul just wrote this email below about a really cool
and relevant tool that we use in our business. The
price goes up to an annual cost if you wait. 

Check it out here.

Let's Make Fairy Dust!




There is one video tool that I have trusted for the
last several years to power my online business. That
is Simple Video Management System (SVMS) from David
Perdew and the team at NAMS Toolkit. 

It is no joke this video player is a step above all
the others on the market, and it will save you hundreds
off the competition. 

For a limited time he is reopening the 2018 version of
SVMS to the public at an outrageously low price! 

Click Here For SVMS 2018

Ok…so maybe I am a bit partial to this incredible
video tool because I helped launch it with David Perdew
a few years back. I saw first hand just how powerful
this technology really is. 

This video player allows me to have mobile responsive
videos on my blogs, bonus pages, JV pages, sales pages,
squeeze pages, and more! 

Did you know that the YouTube player itself will not
make your videos look clean on mobile?

But when you use a YouTube video and this tool it
shows up clean on your visitor's website browser. 

That is just one of the features. The other feature is
that thanks to this tool I have all of my videos in one
location! I can have videos on YouTube, Amazon S3, or 
my own server, and they all show up in one easy to search

Oh and you can customize the players look and feel too! 

You need to see this tool for yourself to believe it. 

This is the last video player you will need to buy…period!

Do not miss it! 

To Your Success,

Paul Counts

See you there! 

7786 Clydesdale Dr. SE
Ada MI 49301

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