Sorry, You Missed Out!

Hello Shreyablog,

I am sorry to send this email because it means you missed out! I told you about David's Insiders Club, but just got word that he did raise the price as planned. You can still join, but the price is $2,999! 

Like anyone else reading this email I am guilty of procrastinating up until the last minute! Sometimes you just have to leap into action when presented with opportunities. 

As we enter 2019 there are a few things that we are focused on, and these include more Success Counts Live events, our Success Counts Club, personal one-to-one coaching, and promoting programs with more leveraged payouts. Why do we like leveraged payouts? Simple, it is because they let you get paid for other people's efforts. 

Take a look at one program that we love that allows you to get paid $25 to $1,000 on your referrals paid directly to you. 

Michael Mansell created this video to tell you all about it, and if you watch the video you get a comped vacation where you just pay taxes! It is pretty worth your time because it costs nothing to watch! 

Already seeing new enrollees in this program! It is truly exciting! 

Watch This Easy Automated System Here

I am 100% behind this program because it also contains my training inside of it too! 

Since joining this program Michael has done over $476,000 in commissions! That's right! Not sales, but commissions! If you did just a fraction of that I know your life would change for the better! 

This is the perfect leveraged payout system for 2019!

Let's Make Fairy Dust! 

– Shreya Banerjee

P.S. I bet you know what I am going to mention here in the PS section! If you thought it was to tell you about our upcoming live event in Nashville, Tennessee you are right! 

And that is because we know it takes multiple exposures to get you to make a decision, especially one of this magnitude, that could transform your life and business! 

See our past attendees have found their "home" with Success Counts Live and our community! We want the same for you, and we want you to leave our event with your own information product just like people did in our October event! If you are ready to kickstart your business or take it to the next level join us February 16th to 18th in Nashville and work directly with us in person for 3 straight days! 

Learn More Here

This is your chance to build your business and take it to the next level! Email us back if you have questions! 

Joke of the Day

Why did the stadium get hot after the game? 

All of the fans left! 


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