Should you follow the gurus?


This was not the original email I had in
mind for today but I was replying to an
email last night and it got me thinking.
This is something that needs to be said.

Should you follow the gurus?

Well, it depends. There are lots of
types of gurus out there and they all
teach things differently even though the
overall concept is the same. The things
they do works for them in their stage of
their business. Keep in mind, you are
not there yet…heck I am not there
either but you need to figure out what
will work for you now based on where you

I personally don’t know where you guys
are in your IM journey. But if you are
starting out or trying to figure out
where to focus, then I would say focus
on driving traffic. If you control the
traffic, then you control the money. 

I know people say that you make more
profit when you start creating your own
products. Yes, that is true (I launched
2 products last year and they both did
good). But if you jump into product
creation too early, then either it’s
going to take you a long time to finish
it and you will get frustrated and quit
or it just won’t work out for you. I
have seen this over and over again.
Learn a way to make money first and
that’s by driving traffic. Pick one
way, whichever way you like…Facebook,
YouTube, Search engines. Pick a way and
get good at it. Then start thinking
about product creation…work up to it. 

And along the way, make connections. So
when you are ready to launch your
product, people already know you.
That’s the reason my first launch did
so well (product was great too…lol but
I had made those connections along the

I did that through Facebook and going to
live events. Warrior Event was my first
one…I think they will have it again
this year in September…I will let you
know when I find out. There is another
one coming up in April called 
CommissionExpo. This one is hosted by 
Omar and Melinda Martin. It’s going to 
be a good one to go to if you haven’t been
to a live event. 

I am not sure if I will be able to make it 
yet or not. But if you are in the 
Orlando, FL area, then definitely go 
(of course, you can go regardless of where 
you live)…it will be worth it.   

Ok, man…my emails keep getting longer.
So, I will stop now. The point of
this…call it rant if you will…was to
tell you that focus on driving traffic
and making connections first then worry
about product creation. 

Alright, we will pick up tomorrow with
the normal stuff. 

Until then…

Keep Making Fairy Dust!

Shreya Banerjee

PS: My son is going through a horse
phase. I think he has a total of 6
horses (toy ones). This joke made me
think of him.

A horse walks into a bar…

The bartender says, "Hey."

The horse replies, "Sure."


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