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Hello Shreyablog,

Right now Paul Counts has 2 workshops that you can resell for easy profits, position as upsells in your funnels, add to your membership sites, or use as bonuses for affiliate offers! These are all created 100% by him, and not outsourced like most PLR on the market right now.

You will get content created by a real Internet marketing expert. All of these workshops were recently recorded (or will be) so they are up to date and ready to sell! 

Workshop #1) Fast Cash Counts Workshop

In the Fast Cash Counts Workshop you will discover 8 surefire ways to generate income quickly with your online business. I am talking ways to make money the same day you learn the methods he lays out!

As a bonus for picking up this workshop you will also get our Side Hustle Income Secrets which covers several additional ways to make money when you need it! 

Everyone will want this workshop, and since he is recording it live on February 6th (recording of course available) you can get it with PLR for a $20 savings! 

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Workshop #2) PLR Profits Workshop

Knowing how to profit with Private Label Rights content is a hot topic, and I lay out some proven strategies to ensure you make maximum profits with any PLR product you pick up. You can just buy this workshop, or get it with licensing rights today so you can resell it! 

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Let's Make Fairy Dust!

– Shreya Banerjee

P.S. You will not only be able to sell these workshops, but you can use the content to accelerate your businesses growth online! 

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