PLR like this is rarely offered!

Hello Shreyablog,

You've of course seen PLR.

Besides courses that Paul Counts and I have created they are usually slide shows, maybe some screen recording videos, and often they are outsourced to content creators that do not put a lot of focus on quality.

Finding good PLR content that you can rebrand is difficult to do.


What if there was a line of PLR that has actual human, on-screen presenters?

Yes, an actual professional, "talking head" actor/presenter delivering the courses on YOUR behalf!

The only other time I have seen this was with one of our own courses with PLR!

If you haven’t heard by now, this "Signature Series" PLR is taking the whole niche by storm.

And it's because it's offering something that no PLR has ever offered before.  

And RIGHT NOW, for just a little while, you can grab it for next to nothing.

Grab Signature Series PLR Today

This is an incredible value! 

Let's Make Fairy Dust! 

– Shreya Banerjee

Joke of the Day (Holiday Edition):

Q: How much did Santa pay for his sleigh?

A: Nothing. It was on the house!


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