New Affiliates – 2 ‘MUST AVOID’ Tactics IF You Want Real Success!

Most internet marketers are familiar with affiliate marketing. If you are not, then either you have been living under a rock or you are new to internet marketing. Whatever your reason; this article is going to give you the basics to help you get started. You will learn how to get started and generate a sustainable income from it. Here is the good news, affiliate marketing is not hard but you will have to work for it. Follow these steps and you will get started in no time.puzzle-e835b0062f_640

To start off, let me being by telling you the general idea behind affiliate marketing. You send traffic to a product or service and if people buy the thing you are promoting then you get commission on it. Yes, it is that simple. The challenge is to find the right product to promote and to drive the right traffic to your offer. Obviously you want to look for companies that have high payouts but you have to keep your followers interest in mind.

You can use affiliate marketing to make a sustainable income. This is not a new concept. Many people have done it in the past and they have been very successful. Here are a few ways you can start:

  • Make a website and promote your affiliate products on the website
  • Create an e-mail list and send them newsletter that include you affiliate links
  • Use social media to drive traffic to your affiliate links or to your website that has your links in it
  • Use paid traffic (PPC) to drive traffic to your affiliate links

I can go on for a while but those are the top 4 ways you can start making money through affiliate marketing. Out of these 4 methods, the most popular form of long-term affiliate success is building your business through your website. This way you have a platform to grow your business and send steady traffic to your affiliate links.

No matter what route you pick to promote your products, make sure that you pick a niche that you are familiar with. When you pick a products in a niche you are already familiar with, then it will be easier for you to become an expert on the topic. You can provide more value to your readers and it will be easier to gain their trust.

The key to success with affiliate marketing is that you build a relationship with you followers. If they trust you and if you are honest with them, then they will buy the products you recommend. If they don’t trust you, then you are on the losing end from the start.

So…go pick a niche that you are comfortable with and in the upcoming post, I will tell you what to do going forward. But first pick a niche that you have interest in and you can provide value in to your readers.

If you just can’t wait for the next blog post to learn more about affiliate marketing, then check out AffiloBlueprint. It has everything you need to get started and become successful.


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    Great Post. Just the information I was looking for. I just started my blog and I will be following your advice. Thank you !

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