Mindset Vs. Toolset

How many of you have started your online business and said that I am going to do this the cheapest way possible? This is not only true for online business; the same thing can be applied for a brick and mortar business. Believe it or not, I have done it many times.

I always start off by saying that I need to spend as little as possible in order to get things running. There is nothing wrong in that. You should be conservative with your finance. But at what point do you trade between expense and the right tools needed to do your job?

What do you prefer?

– Option 1: A task that takes you 5 hours to do and you dread doing it but it is free
– Option 2: A task you can perform in 5mins but you have to buy a $200 tool for it

I have always gone for option 1. I figured that I have time and I can do it for free so it is better. But the older I get the more I realize that time is money and if I spend 5 hours doing something that can take me 5mins to do, then that is not a good use of my time.

Here is a recent example. I debated if I should get OptimizePress for a long time. If you have been to their site, you know they are not cheap. But they make the process of creating pages super easy. I think I wasted more money (since time is money) thinking if I should invest in it or not. What a waste of my time.

I did finally take the plunge and invest in OptimizePress. As a matter of fact, this blog is build using OptimizePress. Let me tell you, I love it! I wish I hadn’t wasted all that time thinking about it.

The lesson here is that you have to have the right mindset (financially conservative when you are just starting out) but you have to invest in your business. Don’t cut corners when it comes to this type of stuff otherwise you are going to get frustrated and quit…I am guilty of that. If you really want to cut corners, then cut it out from your eating outside budget or cable bill but not from the stuff that matters.

You have heard of the saying that it takes money to make money. It is true in this case. You have to invest in the right stuff. Create your Toolset to help your Mindset.

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