Is Clickbank An Effective Way To Get Sales For Your Product?

I like to answer questions on forums. One of my favorite places is I recently ran into a question that asked if they should add their eBook to Clickbank to get more sales.


To give you some background…this person created this eBook and made a few sales but wasn’t get anymore sales. So he/she was wondering if they should add it to a site like Clickbank and let affiliates sell the eBook to get more profit.

Now that’s a great idea but I told them that they need to set up a funnel first. Here is what I wrote for my response:

“If you only have an eBook, then I don’t recommend adding it…it’s not worth it. Yes, it will help your sales as other affiliates will start promoting your product. But keep in mind that you will have to share about 50% commissions with them and Clickbank will take their share as well.

If you have a strong funnel behind that first eBook, then yes please add it to Clickbank. If you are new to the concept of sales funnels, then I recommend investing in a good course. Omar Martin’s Funnel Boss is a great start.

I am sure you have seen sales funnels before if you have bought anything online. Right after you buy a product, you are asked if you want to invest in an one time offer (OTO). If you say no, then they usually take you to a down-sell. That is a sales funnel. It’s not hard but you do have to put effort into it.

So, going back to your questions, if you already have a sales funnel, then put your product on Clickbank. There are other platforms too if you want to look into them. For example, JVZoo or Warrior Plus.

If you have more questions on funnels, then reach out to me on my blog or through Facebook. And let me know if this was helpful.”

What did you think of my answer?

In my answer I recommend Omar’s Funnel Boss, it really is packed with gold, but if you are really serious, then you need to check out his MUA (My Unfair Advantage). This really is a one stop shop for all his courses and he does weekly live webinars where you can ask him anything you want.

He offers a free webinar…check it out here.

Oh…and don’t forget to tell me what you thought of my answer. How would you have answered that questions?

I am looking forward to reading your answers. See you next time.


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