I had pink beer…

I didn’t even know they made pink

I am not a big beer fan but this tasted
least like beer and it was pink.

It was good to take some time off from
the launch craziness and let loose. 

Paul and I have been working really hard
the last few weeks and everyone is
loving it. So it was worth it.

Did you get to check out the 25 done for
you sites from John and Dave yesterday?

If not, then check it out here!

It really is a good way to add another
income stream because they've taken care
of niche research, graphics creation,
design, HTML coding, monetizing the
websites, editing, updating and much

So go check it out if you haven’t

Ok…off to work I go. Talk to you

Let’s Make Fairy Dust!

Shreya Banerjee

PS: Joke of the day:

What do monsters turn on during the

The scare conditioner


7786 Clydesdale Dr. SE
Ada MI 49301

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