I am doing it!

Yeap, I decided to go.

I will be at both of the upcoming live
events I have been telling you about. 

In a couple of weeks (April 18th – 22nd)
I will be in Orlando for the 
Commission Expo.

And in less than a month (May 3rd –
6th) I will be in San Antonio for
Locustware Live Event. 

If you haven’t booked your tickets
yet, get on it fast. 

I hope to grab a drink with you there

Let’s Make Fairy Dust!

Shreya Banerjee 

PS: Joke of the day:

Why did the scarecrow win an award? 

Because he was outstanding in his field

PPS: Now is your chance to be
outstanding and help give your business
a boost by going to live events. Book
your tickets now!

Commission Expo (April 18th – 22nd)

Locustware Live Event (May 3rd – 6th)


7786 Clydesdale Dr. SE
Ada MI 49301

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