How to create your next product on a shoestring budget…


It was great to hear back from some of
you after my last week's live event email. 

Some of you asked about the PLR content
and how I intent to use it. 

I am starting my own coaching
program…don’t worry I am not trying to
sell it to you…lol

The PLR content I picked up is really
high-quality stuff. I intend to use it
to jump start my coaching program. This
is going to cut my time in half. See the
value of good PLR?

Some of you also asked if you can get
the PLR package. No, you can’t have

Unfortunately, you had to be there to
take advantage of the offer. 

But, if you are looking for some good
quality PLR, then I do recommend
PLR Monthly.

The content is created by Dave Nicholson
and Dan Sumner. I have known them for a
while now and I actually got to meet
Dave in person at the event last week.

They are really awesome and have good

They release a product each month so if
you use it right, you can have a product
launch every month. 

Do you see what I mean by creating your
next product on a shoestring budget?

Go check it out here.

I hope that answers your questions. 

Let’s Make Fairy Dust!

Shreya Banerjee 

PS: Joke of the day:

Why do seagulls fly over the sea? 

Because if they flew over a bay, they
would be bagels.


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