How To Be The Best From The Rest

This is the 6th and last post in the Affiliate Marketing Promo series. If you missed out on the other posts you can read them here: New Affiliates – 2 ‘MUST AVOID’ Tactics IF You Want Real Success! ,  May The Best Blog Win, What Are You Promoting? and The THREE ‘Commission Earning’ Criteria You Must Check Before Promoting Products! and What They Don’t Tell You When You Start Affiliate MarketingStandout

By now you should have a domain name, your blog all set and you should have picked the products you want to promote. Now comes the fun part.

Write your blog posts to promote your products and put banners on your blog with your affiliate links. If you need help, get Bloggers Roadmap and Dan Sumner will show you how to set this up.

In this post we are going to talk about what will make you the best from the rest of the affiliate marketers. What is that you might wonder? Well, I am talking about bonuses.

Did you know that out of every ten people you ask, only about one or two will decline a free gift for some strange reason? The great news for you is that the rest of the people will gladly accept your free offer. It’s simply a part of human nature to be appreciative of gifts, particularly useful ones. If you look at the really successful affiliate markets, this is something that they all understand and take advantage of.

In affiliate marketing, you can use the free offers to help your business but you have to use them strategically.  Here is what I mean by strategically:

Integrate Bonus offers within your marketing campaign. Bonuses can be a very powerful tool for affiliate marketing. If your visitors find free offers on your site, then they will stick around and be more willing to come back for more. However, you have to make sure that you have relevant offers.

You will have to consider each affiliate marketing campaign you do and find out how to use bonuses strategically. Keep in mind that just because something is free doesn’t automatically mean that people want it and that they will visit your affiliate website and grab what you offer. There has to be a connection between the freebies you offer and the main product or service you are promoting.

For example, if you are promoting a product that teaches the secrets of the affiliate marketing, then a good bonus would be a short report on the top ten mistakes that affiliates make. Be aware of PLR products. I have seen many affiliate marketers give a bunch of old PLR junk as their bonus. This is a surefire way of failing.

Try to offer something unique for your bonus. I have seen many people buy products because of the bonuses that were offered. As a matter of fact, many people “bonus hunt” before they buy a product. You want to stand out from the crowd and offer something that people can get only from you.

When the big affiliate marketers offer bonuses, it is a carefully crafted strategy and not just some careless act of generosity. Keep this in mind when you are creating your bonus page.

That’s it for this series on affiliate marketing. Now go find a product you want to promote and make a bonus for it. Then promote the bonus page and your blog to get more traffic. Remember you can always check out AffiloBlueprint for more help. It has everything you need to get started and become successful.

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