How Serious Are You About Your Future?

I have heard from lots of people that they are serious about their future. They want to become financially independent and that is why they are going down the path to become an Internet Marketer.

Awesome! Making that decision is the first step. But how serious are you about becoming successful?

Most people buy a course, finish it or leave it half way and jump to another course. They never apply anything they learn. The key to being successful in any filed is that you have to apply what you learn. Are you doing that? If you are, then great…you got more than half the people beat already.

Now, you went through the course and you applied the techniques. Are you giving it enough time to work? Most people try it for a week and call it quits. They say that it didn’t work. But ask yourself…do astronauts only train for a week and say man this is not working I give up? No, they keep at it. I find it so hard to believe that people expect to be experts at a topic after a week. It’s not going to happen and if this is your expectation then might as well not start.

Alright, last thing…you completed the course and you keep at it. But do you have a good network? A good network is very important to succeed. How do you make a strong network? Well, you can try Facebook. But remember, you are just a face on Facebook. You have to go to networking events.

I just signed up for the Warrior Event 2016 happening in September this year. The event is going to be a jam packed weekend with many top marketers sharing their secrets. I get to finally meet all the faces from Facebook and get to make a personal relationship with them. You can’t underestimate the value of this.

So how serious am I about it? The event is from Sep 17th-18. My birthday is on Sep 17th. In a way it is cool that I get to spend my birthday with such awesome people but then I get to miss out on spending the time with my family. I know I will make it up but you have to ask yourself, how serious are you about your future? What are you willing to give up now so that you can have a brighter future? Whatever it is, make sure you are true to yourself.

I will see you at the Warrior Event if you are planning on joining. Make sure you look me up. I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday with you.

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