Happy New Year!

I hope you said good bye to last year with a bang. Because this year you know…

It’s just going to be AWESOME!

I am sure you have set up some goals for yourself this year. Did you set up some goals for your business too? It is just as important to set up those business
goals as well as personal goals. I tied mine together and I wanted to share that with you.

In 2016 I focused on setting up the foundation for my business.

- I set up my blog and worked on my product
- I familiarized myself with ranking YouTube videos on 1st page

All that took time to learn. Now that I have the knowledge, 2017 is going to be full swing ahead. My product launch date has been set for Feb 14th. I will be focusing on YouTube videos and I want to master Facebook ads.

I know it doesn’t sound all that easy but like I said…it’s full swing ahead.  2017 is going be full of adventure and lots’ of profits.

I hope you will join me in this journey so that you can make your own Fairy Dust this year.

Don’t let anything hold you back.

Let’s make fairy dust together!

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  • Barry Joyce

    Reply Reply January 4, 2017

    Hi Shreya, happy new year to you

    A great little read. I am on setting my goals and targets now for this year. I look forward to following your journey

    All the best


  • Mandy Allen

    Reply Reply January 4, 2017

    Hi Shreya, I am currently undertaking a mini workshop called time power, it’s about using my time more effectively. It’s a good start to the new year and hope it will give me a few tips or at least help me to focus more on time management and hence get more work done in the hours I have available!

    Enjoy the journey!

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