[DFY] Let me find you the perfect keywords to use in your marketing!


Paul wrote this email about a new service I am 
offering with him! I thought he explained it pretty
well, but the long and short is I want to help you
find keywords that you can use to win online, and
achieve the success you deserve! 

Let me do the keyword research for you! 

Let's Make Fairy Dust!



Hello Shreyablog,

I still remember when I discoverd the power of keywords
what it did for my online business and future as a successful
Internet marketer. 

It was Christmas 2007 and the Nintendo Wii had just came out.
I stumbled across the keyword: Nintendo Wii in stock, and created
a few videos and pages around that. 

I earned several thousand dollars in easy commissions during the
Christmas shopping season while being an affiliate on Amazon! 

Later I realized that my keyword choice was so vital because it
it gave me a chance to rank high, but most importantly it sent
me the right types of buyers to my page.  

That is why I am excited to announce this brand new done-for-you
keyword research service. 

My business partner Shreya Banerjee has mastered the art of keyword
research in her years of being an affiliate blogging ninja! 

Let her do the keyword research for you! 

I will give you another example. I did my own keyword research, 
and found that the keyword: "motion background loops" was getting
a lot of search traffic. I created a video around that, and this
video now has over 600,000 views on YouTube which sends me leads
every single day to my autoresponder! 

See, one keyword can make all the difference for you! 

With this service Shreya will use her ninja skills to come up with
at least 50 high quality, keywords that you can start to target
with your own blog posts, videos, PPC ads, social media posts, 
and more! 

Targeting the right keywords is absolutely essential
if you want to ensure you have the best chance to rank
in the search engines like Google, on YouTube, on other
social media sites, and in your paid ads. 

All it takes is one good keyword, and Shreya is going to personally
find 50 keywords for you! 

The normal price for this service is much higher, but we are
taking $100 off as a special launch price. 

Check Out This DFY Keyword Research Service Today

If you are serious about traffic, you should be serious about
this service. You can do it on your own, but why not let an
expert do it for you. 

Even Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz says: "Keyword research is one of 
the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the 
search marketing field."

To Your Success,

Paul Counts

P.S. Enrollment is now open for our Success Counts Live
networking event in Seattle. The dates are October 12th
to the 14th. 

Get more detailson Success Counts Live here.

Have an awesome day! 

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