Big Blog Equals More Money?

I am sure you have heard of the saying that the bigger the list the more money you will make. Does that apply to the size of your blog? Well, it depends on several things: Content on your blog: make sure that you are providing valuable content to your readers. Don’t put up poor content…

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Is Clickbank An Effective Way To Get Sales For Your Product?

I like to answer questions on forums. One of my favorite places is I recently ran into a question that asked if they should add their eBook to Clickbank to get more sales. To give you some background…this person created this eBook and made a few sales but wasn’t get anymore sales. So he/she…

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4 Hour Webinar…Who Does That?

You might be wondering if I have a typo in my title. A 4-hour webinar, really? Yes, REALLY! I was on Omar and Melinda Martin’s My Unfair Advantage webinar last night and it went on for 4 hours. It was the best 4 hours I spent in a long time. We started at 9 pm…the…

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