Big Blog Equals More Money?

I am sure you have heard of the saying that the bigger the list the more money you will make. Does that apply to the size of your blog?blog

Well, it depends on several things:

  • Content on your blog: make sure that you are providing valuable content to your readers. Don’t put up poor content to make the blog look big. If you have little content but good content, you will start to build followers.

You don’t have to update your blog daily. Even if you update it weekly, just make sure that you give your readers what they want and quality info.

Another trick that helps if you are releasing content once a week is to do it on the same day. That way your readers start expecting new content that day of the week and will become regulars at your blog. You are building a business and just like any other business, you have to make a relationship with your customers/readers.

  • The affiliate offers you pick: There are low end affiliate offers and high end affiliate offers. I am not talking about the quality (that’s a given, always make sure that you promote quality products), I am talking about the commission.

These really are 2 different business models. If your goal is to make $3k/month, you can pick a high ticket item like a 3k product at 50% commission…now you just have to convince 2 people to buy it. Or and you can promote a low ticket item like a $10 product at 50% commission… that will take a lot more sales to get you there.

  • The quality of your traffic: You can buy traffic (don’t do it…it’s a waste of money…I speak from experience), you can drive “targeted” traffic yourself. I say “targeted” because these are the customers that are looking for the product you are promoting already. So when they come to your offer, they will jump on it. Versus a person who was looking for shoe polish and you are trying to sell them chocolates.

Traffic doesn’t mean anything unless it is “targeted” traffic. I know some people will say that even it is not targeted traffic, they can still get you ad-sense money. My opinion..not worth it. You will get few cents here and there. Ad-sense is a good to have on your blog but your main focus should be the products you are promoting.

Once more thing I wanted to mention. Don’t just promote your products on your blog. Start a mailing list if you haven’t already. These will be people who are already are interested in buying from you. So when you email them about the products you are promoting, they will be more likely to buy from you. So don’t miss out on building your mailing list.

A great resource for you to pick up is a membership at MUA (My Unfair Advantage). There you will be able to pick up valuable training and not to mention the weekly live webinar that is worth its weight in gold. Make sure you check out this webinar.

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