Should you follow the gurus?

Hey, This was not the original email I had in mind for today but I was replying to an email last night and it got me thinking. This is something that needs to be said. Should you follow the gurus? Well, it depends. There are lots of types of gurus out there and they all…

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What was the odd that I would hear back?

Hi, Pretty good actually, I heard back from several of you. It’s always cool to hear back; that way I know that you are reading and I am not just talking to a figment of my imagination…lol Of course, some questions came in, which I love to answer. There were a few that I think…

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Coming out of hibernation

Happy almost spring! Yes, I was hibernating during the winter time. It has been great. I got to spend lots of time with family and do lots of projects around the house…some really cool things. Like I turned my son’s crib that could turn into a full size bed…but I turned it into a queen…

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