Alright, I got a bonus for you…

I didn’t get a chance to make a fancy
bonus page. I know how much you guys
love my bonus pages…lol

This weekend I took my son to see
butterflies so the bonus page that I
meant to create, sat on the back burner.
The butterflies were so pretty, so the
trip was worth it.

But now you guys will just have to
settle with me describing the bonus
rather than a pretty page.  

So here it goes…I told you about
Commission Expo last week. 

You can buy as many training courses or
software you want but NOTHING even comes
close to the impact that live events
have on your marketing career.

You will be able to:

=> Network with top marketers
=> Learn the newest strategies
=> Get incredible motivation
=> Attract affiliates
=> Meet business partners
=> Make new friends

You can take all of those things lightly
but I wouldn’t. My first event was the
Warrior Event 2 years ago and that
changed everything for me. 

So carve out some time from April 19th
to 21st and head over to Orlando, FL for
the Commission Expo.

Now, for the bonus. If you get your
tickets from my link, the I will offer
you my 1 hour strategy session package.
This will include 1 hour consultation,
where we talk about your business needs.

The session will be recorded and you
will have full rights to the recording
so you can turn that into a bonus or a
mini product if you want. This is $97 in

So, to claim that…get your tickets
from the link on the email and after you
have your ticket, just reply to this

There you go…I think I did a pretty
good job of explaining the bonus. 

Get your tickets here

Until next time…

Keep Making Fairy Dust!

Shreya Banerjee

PS: I wanted to find a butterfly joke
but I couldn’t find anything funny.

So, you will have to settle with a 2 bug

What did the sushi say to the bee? 



What was the spider doing on the

Searching the web!


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