Affiliate Marketing Simplified

I must say that I didn’t want to get caught up on all the hype that was surrounding Michael Cheney’s “Commission Machine” and have too high of an expectation for this but it sure lived up to it. Michael gives some real golden nuggets in his training videos. The key is to watch it all.

I have purchased training in the past that goes on for every. By the time you get to half of it…you are ready to quit. But Michael kept it simple. There are only 8 videos and the longest one is 46 minutes….short and sweet.

Don’t get me wrong, just because it is short doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack enough value. It is jam packed with valuable tid-bits. I learned a lot and I am ready to rock and roll.

In the training, Michael goes over his patented “R.A.P.I.D” system for affiliate marketing. In my opinion, it is the easiest way to start when you are a newbie….specially, when you have a teacher like Michael. What a down to earth and cool guy. OMG do people still use the word cool? Do people still use OMG? I guess I am showing my age at this point 😉

Anyway, I upgrade to the “Done for You” service so I already have a good starting point. I am planning on looking into them today. Come back tomorrow to find out the good and the ugly of affiliate marketing with Cheney.

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