5 Internet Marketing Tips And Tricks

Today I want to share some tips and ticks I have pick up when it comes to Internet marketing. So grab a pen and paper and get ready to take some notes.

In the world of internet marketing, traffic is everything. Actually, it is everything in any world. Even if you have a brick and mortar business and you don’t have traffic, you won’t make many sales. So can you succeed with marketing online?

Well the first thing you need is an offer. Now it doesn’t matter if this is your offer or an affiliate offer. It just needs to be a good offer. Then you drive traffic to it and see it convert. I know what you are thinking…oh, wow Shreya…what a great tip…lol

No that is not my tip. That’s just me setting up the scene. If you don’t have an offer, then I am giving away some affiliate marketing training. Make sure to check that out. It’s Free, what do you have to lose.

ok, back to the tips. Now that you have an offer, how do you make sure that it converts. You ready for it…here are the tips I promised.

Know your Target

First, you have to know your audience. The most important thing for you to be able to do is to completely define and analyze your target market. If you are going to have an Internet marketing campaign you need to make sure that you know exactly who you are trying to talk to.

Don’t try to sell candy to a diabetic person. You just won’t make the sale.

Knowing your audience will help you to effectively reach your customers, making your marketing efficient. Plus your ad budget will go way down since you are not focusing on people who don’t care about your offer.

Be Clear and Concise

If you want to have a successful Internet marketing campaign you need to be as clear and concise as possible. Clearly state the message that you are trying to get to your target audience.

Have a clear call for action so that your customers don’t feel lost after reading your offer. If you want them to subscribe to your channel, then ask them to subscribe to your channel.

Use Multiple Venues

There are multiple venues and mediums that you can use with Internet marketing like, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, your blog. You should take advantage of all of them and try to reach out to all of these traffic sources. In this case, the more the merrier.

Work with Professionals

Don’t try to boil the ocean. I know you are the go getter, the only one you can rely on. But if you

want to grow, then you will need to outsource.

Andy Brokcter once did a video for his vlog where he said that the CEO of Amazon doesn’t know how to drive a fork truck. That really stuck with me. He is true. The CEO is busy growing the business. That’s what you need to focus on too.

Have Patience

Internet marketing is not going to be instant; it is going to need time to be successful. It is faster than a lot of traditional business but none the less, it is a business and it will take time to set up.

I know people say that they made $1M in 7 days during their product launch. But you know what, they spent 6 months working their buts off to get their product ready. So be patience, there is money to be made and you will make it.

I hope you got something out of this. I know some of it sounds common sense but you will be surprised at how many people overlook it. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, then pick up the free book here.

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Until next time…keep making fairy dust.


  • SocialTech360

    Reply Reply January 10, 2017

    Very helpful tips for small business.

    • spriyada

      Reply Reply January 11, 2017

      Thank you, I am glad you found it helpful.

  • Amuro Wesley

    Reply Reply February 22, 2017

    Thanks for your helpful tips.

    I will certainly take note of them and apply into my online business.

  • joya

    Reply Reply November 8, 2017

    it’s nice post about the Internet Marketing Tips And Tricks, it will really help to newbie and expert to learn some new. Thanks for sharing

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