3 Easy Steps To Monetize Your Blog

Well well…look at you. You have your blog up and running. I am so proud of you.

Now that you have the content part of it down and started driving traffic to it,piggy-bank
it is time to monetize your blog. You can do a lot of things to monetize your blog. But here is a pit fall that people fall in when they are trying to monetize their blog. They set it and forget it.

Sure, you will make some profit by setting it and forgetting it. But your blog is a living breathing thing and yes if you don’t post on your blog…it will die. So, to maximize your profits, you have to keep posting and getting your affiliate links out there.

Affiliate links are your best bet when you are monetizing your blog.  There are a lot of things you can do. Just look through some of my old posts to get ideas. As a matter of fact, look at this one.

I am telling you about how to monetize your blog and I tell you that affiliate marketing is the way to go. I am not trying to trick you into buying something. I am just telling you that it works. As you will continue to read you will see that I also mention Google AdSense. But it doesn’t work so well for me (from personal experience).

Here is the structure I want you to follow:

  1. Identify a problem: You are missing out on profit by doing set and forget monetization of your blog
  2. Provide a solution: Affiliate marketing will work wonders on your blog. Google AdSense is there but doesn’t work so great for me.
  3. Call for action: Want to know how to get started with affiliate marketing? Check out AffiloBlueprint.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to pick a product that your customers need. You have to know your customers needs and help them with the product you recommend. Otherwise, you are going to go in a downward spiral fast.

If you don’t know what they are looking for, then just ask them. You will be surprised by how many of them will respond. Not all of them will respond of course but you don’t need all of them to respond. You just need a general idea of what they need help with.

You can also put Google AdSense on your blog but in my opinion, it is not the best money maker. This is the set it and forget it route. But it takes your blog visitors away from your site.

Affiliate marketing is your best route. If you are still suck with affiliate marketing, then pick up a product that will teach you how to succeed with it…like AffiloBlueprint. This will show you how to pick the right products and how to get access to all the tools you will need. Then all you will have to do is get your link and drop it in your relevant blog posts.

Yes, it is really that easy. Go try it and check out AffiloBlueprint to learn more about affiliate marketing.

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